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  • Mental Health Donations
    Til Feb 29, all net proceeds go to Canadian Mental Health Association. Mar 1 - Mar 31, 50% of net proceeds go to Mental Health America. In solidarity with Dokibird, Selen Tatsuki, myself, and many creators who face mental health struggles. Donation will be posted to social media when complete. Thank you for your thoughtful contribution!
  • Shipping Costs & Suppliers
    Shipping is only charged once per product type. If you buy more than one of the same product type (i.e. multiple posters), the additional items will be free shipping. We partner with made to order platforms and use different suppliers for different product types because each are sourced for highest quality and best prices. Shipping costs are according to the manufacturer and distributors and each product is printed fresh, so they remain relatively high - we apologize for this! We have tried to absorb as much of the cost as possible without going into deficit per sale especially considering platform processing fees. Of course, most of the time United States domestic shipping will be cheaper than international. We appreciate your understanding!
  • Refunds & Exchanges
    We do not provide general refund and exchange requests but on case by case basis, under our discernment and discretion, we may issue refunds or replacements in the case where: 1) Product arrives damaged without your intervention or use. 2) Product arrives with major manufacturing defects that disrupts the entire design or its function. For example, production problems like broken seams and trims. Slightly small blurred spots in printing may not be eligible as major defects, but larger printing glitches will be eligible. 3) Package is lost in transit (See FAQ about Packages and Tracking) In all cases, please email with images or video of your package as soon as it arrives (if it wasn't due to being lost). Ideally, before unwrapping it, you can show the damage to the packaging, and the unboxing process showing damage to the product, or an intact packaging with a production defect. If it is possible, refunds and replacements can be issued. If it is a minor issue, a discount code might be offered. As I am an individual, processing these requests or covering the costs may require case by case discernment. Please let me know if there are issues immediately.
  • Fulfillment & Delivery Times
    It typically takes 3 - 5 business days for production and 4 - 7 business days for delivery. Some cases it takes longer than this and up to 2 to 3 weeks. Some product types will take 1 - 2 months. Please be aware of varying times. After receiving tracking numbers and you haven't received it after more than a full month, we may be able to look into reporting the package as lost.
  • Packages, Tracking & Delivery
    Tracking is available for all packages once they are produced and shipped. You should get emails from Wix or print suppliers about the tracking. "But I have only received one product!" If you've ordered multiple items, they are often shipped in separate packaging even if it has one tracking ID or it may be different product types from different suppliers so they have separate tracking ID. So far anyone who has reported an issue of receiving only one product first, received the rest a few days later! We recommend you to wait a business week or so since they could still be on the way and just separated. Expect multiple packages if you've ordered many different product types. Secondly, check all your possible mailbox/concierge/door where packages could be delivered. Thirdly, after a week, check with your post service to see if they haven't dispatched them from their facilities. Fourthly, if there is truly no sign of it and it is truly lost, please contact us within a month and we can likely request reprints and redelivery! Thanks for your patience!
  • Shipping Addresses
    Please ensure you have filled in the correct shipping info, especially addresses missing its Region, County, State, Province, etc. is a common occurrence, or there may be issues with fulfilling the order.
  • Holiday Shipping
    Please note that during busy holiday seasons, production and shipping services may encounter minor delays, so please plan accordingly! A few days of delays may be normal during these seasons.
  • Sending as Gifts
    All orders are dispatched with the recipient's name and address without any invoice/pricing or purchaser information, so don't worry about that! Unfortunately at the moment there is no gift wrapping options available and I can't personally customize or attach notes to the shipment. We will consider options in the future!
  • Product Images
    Product images displayed at the beginning phase of our launch are mostly mock ups from our provider. We've tested a handful of products personally and confirmed they are accurate to designs - albeit that the color tone, finishes or texture may vary slightly from the images or due to digital print technologies for made to order products it may be have slight variations. If there are major printing errors that affects the nature of the design as a whole, please let us know (check the Refunds and Exchanges sectioni). We may be working on other product finishes in future R&D as well as acquiring better in person photos. We also encourage you to post photos online and tag @keyokku. We may contact you about using your photos for our website or social channels.
  • Product Availability
    Most products may remain in circulation and available for purchase ongoing with the exception of seasonal rotations, discontinuation or changes of any of the designs or temporary or seasonal pauses of the shop for housekeeping. Limited runs of partnered or seasonal products may be available for a short time. Stay tuned on Twitter for info.
  • New Merch Requests
    We are always working R&D on new ideas, so there will be plenty new products and special limited edition runs, many already planned, so stay tuned for updates! If you have particular suggestions, feel free to submit your ideas here
  • Payment Methods
    We are hosted on Wix and your payment is securely processed through their ecommerce services. Credit cards, Google pay, Apple pay, Paypal and other possible options are available. We do not keep your payment information on file.
  • Accepting Commissions
    Thanks for your interest! Please check with my commissions page on VGEN. You can access this in the menu under Art.
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